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Kirtan Music Meditation

Kirtan is an ancient form of music meditation that is used to elevate consciousness. It has powerful effects and allows you to connect to yourself, others and the Divine.

Cooking with Intention

Cooking can be a spiritual experience with the right tools and mindset. Learn the art of cooking with intention and take plant-based cooking to another level.

Spiritual Community

Enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. Serve, grow and share together, while on the path to self-discovery.

Every Sunday

Feel free to drop in to any section of the programing! Enjoy yoga, gardening, plant-based cooking class, Kirtan music meditation, and lunch! 

Join us at 14018 Syracuse St, San Antonio, TX, 78248 

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Meet the Team

Our team has dedicated years of practice to the Vedic tradition & are excited to share these self-realization techniques with you!

Bhagavan Narada Das

Center Manager

Naradi Devi Dasi